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Shop Around For Energy in Texas

For more than 10 years, most Texans have had the opportunity to shop among a variety of electricity companies – better known as retail electric providers (REPs) – for competitive electricity supply rates. Depending on what qualities Texas residents value in a REP, they may compare electricity companies based on price, different plan offers, contract length, customer service and more. Not all Texans live in an area where they can choose a REP to supply their electricity. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of electric choice!

As a resident, when you begin your search for energy in Texas, be sure to research and compare different REPs before you make a final energy decision. Typically, competitive electricity companies offer two main energy supply rate plans: a variable-rate plan and a fixed-rate plan. A variable-rate plan can fluctuate frequently in response to the volatility of the electricity market. Since it’s so unpredictable, you could be paying a higher rate one month and a lower rate the next. A fixed-rate plan allows you to lock in a supply rate for the entire contract term. This option can also help customers budget their money on a monthly basis.

If you’re a business owner looking for energy in Texas, you might be able to look for commercial energy offers, depending where your business is located. The commercial energy process is quite different than shopping for residential electricity in that a business has room to negotiate a supply plan to better match its energy needs, according to the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

Recognize the difference between a REP and a TDU

The PUCT states that your REP will be responsible for any billing or customer service inquiries. To ensure that your electricity continues to safely reach your home, a local wires company – also known as a transmission and distribution utility (TDU) – will be your main contact for any energy safety issues. It will manage your electricity delivery, make necessary repairs and respond in the event of an electrical emergency.

Take advantage of electric choice

As you shop around to find a REP, take time to weigh any pros and cons before making a choice. Although most Texans have the freedom to choose a REP, not all have this luxury. Not sure what REP is right for your energy needs? has tools to guide you toward practical electric options for your home. You can also pick up the phone and talk to one of our energy specialists today. If you have the power to choose a REP to supply your household’s energy in Texas, take advantage of it!

Source: Updated: 10-2-15.