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Texans: Learn About Direct Energy

Direct Energy, one of North America's leading retail energy companies, provides both residents and business owners with competitive electricity supply rates and other energy-specific services. With approximately 5 million customers in the United States and Canada, the company also works hard to educate consumers about energy efficiency, green initiatives and energy safety best practices.

According to its site, Direct Energy ranks third out of about 50 companies as one of the largest retail electric providers (REPs) in Texas. Within the state, most residents and business owners have the power to shop around for a competitive REP and find an electricity supply rate that works for their energy needs. According the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), deregulation has been in effect for almost 15 years. Therefore, it's important for energy consumers to use the opportunity to compare REPs and supply offers for electricity in Texas.

Generally, consumers will come to find that they have a variety of supply choices when it comes to electricity in Texas. The Direct Energy site explains how customers can choose from fixed-rate plans as well as variable-rate plans. A fixed rate allows a customer to lock in a steady supply rate for the entire contract period. This plan is more secure, which allows you to avoid the unpredictability of energy market demand. Variable-rate customers might find themselves paying either a lower or higher monthly supply rate based on energy market changes. With a variable rate, you may experience unpredictability with your electric bills.

Even with these different supply plans in mind, it's difficult to decide what would be best for your energy consumption. Direct Energy has a residential supply option called Direct Your Plan, where consumers can customize their energy plan. Residents can choose certain contract details such as term length, green energy offers and rewards.

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Direct Energy and its community involvement efforts

Not only does Direct Energy care about its energy customers, but according to its site, the company also cares about its community impact. Direct Energy supports a number of Texas charities, including Child Advocates. The organization's main purpose is to protect children of all ages who have experienced abuse through the foster care system. Its volunteers work hard to place children in a safer home environment. The Direct Energy site says that sponsorship efforts for Child Advocates have included a $5,000 donation for Christmas lists, a superhero 5k run and more.

In addition, Direct Energy acknowledges its employees, local communities and community members for noteworthy accomplishments each year through multiple fundraisers, sponsorships, awards and volunteer events.

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Source:; Updated: 10-8-15.