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Understand Direct Energy in Andrews

In Andrews, you might own a business or live in a deregulated area. If so, you have electric choice! When Texas became a deregulated state years ago, it meant that individuals could choose a company to supply their home or business' electricity. These companies, better known as retail electric providers (REPs), have different energy supply rates available for Texans. With Direct Energy in Andrews, you could have access to competitive supply rates, green products, various contract lengths and more.

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Learn about offerings from Direct Energy in Andrews

Whether you're a Texas resident or business owner, you have the ability to search for the best supply plan for your electricity needs. One notable difference in the Texas electricity shopping process is that business owners have room to negotiate a supply plan. Negotiation gives business owners an advantage to find a supply plan that's more custom to the building's energy use and the business' needs.

As you shop, you're bound to come across various electricity offers, contract lengths or add-ons from different REPs. Multiple supply plan options give Texas residents the freedom to shop for an electricity supply plan that's tailored to their home. Typically, customers can choose from a variable rate or a fixed rate. The first option tends to fluctuate in response to the electricity market, so consumers aren't likely to pay the same supply rate from month to month. With the variable rate, consumers also risk paying more than expected during high market demands – such as a hot Texas summer. A fixed rate provides energy customers with stability. With a price-protected supply rate, consumers can be more prepared for their monthly energy supply costs over the course of the contract term agreement.

Aside from competitive supply rates, Direct Energy in Andrews might also have innovative products available for your home or business. The company offers a residential Nest thermostat, which can self-program based on a homeowner's daily schedule. According to the company's site, the Nest thermostat adjustment settings – auto-schedule and auto-away – can help homeowners achieve an energy-efficient lifestyle.

Direct Energy's community impact

Through sponsorships, grants, awards and charity involvement, Direct Energy strives to make a positive impact on its serviceable communities. The company is involved in some of the following community service initiatives and recognitions:

  • Small Business Community Heroes Award: This award recognizes a small business owner who has made a positive, voluntary impact on the community. The winner will receive a $500 award, but his or her community or charity of choice will receive $2,000.
  • Reduce Your Use For Good: This program applies to nonprofits that want to become more energy efficient. The grant offers $2,500 to help organizations make a larger impact on local communities.

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Source: Updated: 10-8-15.