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Discover Reliant in Andrews

Reliant, a company owned by NRG, is based in Houston and has electricity supply choices available for both homes and businesses in the United States. The company's site explains that not only is Reliant dedicated to its extensive community service efforts, but it also works to uphold important values such as safety, respect, integrity and more. Reliant even has energy assistance programs in place to mainly assist low-income energy customers with electricity bill payments.

It's important to note that Reliant Energy is considered a retail energy provider (REP), which means it has competitive supply options for residential and commercial energy locations. According to the company, it has a large presence in the Texas energy market and is currently one of the leading industrial and commercial energy REPs in the state. As a Texas energy customer, you might find a supply rate from Reliant in Andrews, giving you the ability to find a competitive energy offer that works well for your home or business.

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Look for residential and commercial energy supply options in Andrews

When you begin your search for a reasonable energy plan, keep in mind that you have the ability to choose from different supply options if you live in a deregulated area. As a resident or business owner in Texas, you can openly explore Reliant in Andrews as well as other competitive REPs in the area.


Typically, energy customers can either select a variable supply rate or a secured supply rate during their contract term. A variable rate can change due to the energy market's unpredictable nature. Because of this, you'll typically pay a different amount on a monthly basis, making it more difficult to set money aside for your energy budget. On the other hand, you can avoid any bill surprises with a secured rate by paying the same amount each month of your contract term. 


Aside from understanding supply rate details, you can also research if a REP provides additional services such as 24-hour customer service, auto-pay options, paperless billing, etc. You'll contact your REP if you have any billing or customer service questions. If you have any concerns or issues when it comes to repairs, outages or other electrical emergencies, your main contact will be the company that delivers your electricity supply, also known as the transmission distribution utility (TDU).


Compare Reliant in Andrews with other REPs in the state

Even if you find a suitable energy offer from Reliant in Andrews, be sure to compare your other REP options before making your final decision. In order to truly take advantage of electric choice, make sure to research REPs as well as any qualities that are important to you. Most energy customers might shop to find the best possible rate, while some search for other company traits such as customer care, cutting-edge energy products and more.

If you'd like to discuss a competitive supply rate, call today! One of our energy experts can assist you in finding a supply plan to meet the energy needs of your Texas home or business.

Source: Updated: 10-7-15.