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Read About TXU Energy in Andrews

TXU Energy serves more Texans than any other retail electric provider (REP) in the state, according to the company's site. As the leading REP in the Lone Star State, TXU Energy works to provide residents and business owners with competitive yet affordable supply rates. In addition to supply rates, the Dallas-based company offers a referral program, renewable energy plans, cutting-edge products and more. Also, the company's site states that customers have access to the TXU Energy Customer Bill of Rights, which highlights the company's values as well as its commitment to customer care.

Texas residents and business owners might have a difficult time figuring out what type of electricity supply plan will work best for them. Therefore, it's best to search then weigh the pros and cons before choosing a REP. When residents and business owners look for a new electricity plan, they might also consider the company's renewable energy initiatives, customer service and community service involvement. If you're interested in learning more about TXU Energy in Andrews, click below for information.

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TXU Energy gives back to Texas

If you consider TXU Energy in Andrews, it's also important to understand the company's involvement with local community service and education efforts. With partnerships with the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Zoo and American Airlines Center, TXU Energy shows its community dedication. The company is also involved in the following programs.

  • Beat the Heat: Through this program, TXU sheds light on the importance of summer heat safety awareness – especially for elderly residents – across the state. The company also educates about 15,000 Texans on energy conservation practices. To share this message, TXU Energy has joined with social service organizations.
  • Holiday Cents: TXU Energy has implemented this energy-savings program within local communities to educate residents on energy tips and conservation practices during the holiday season.
  • TXU Solar Academy: TXU Energy's site explains that the company has partnered with the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) to bring solar education to Texas classrooms. The program offers a more hands-on approach in learning about solar energy.

Learn about your REP and local TDU

When you're searching for a REP like TXU Energy in Andrews, it's crucial to understand the difference between a REP and a transmission and distribution utility (TDU). A REP sells customers electricity supply and also serves as a customer service and billing contact. A TDU assures that your home or business' energy supply is getting delivered in a safe and proper manner. Residents and business owners should call their TDU for any electricity outage or maintenance issues. Keep your REP and TDU contact information on file in case of a question or emergency!

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Source: Updated: 10-13-15.